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God is the One to Fear

God is the One to Fear 0

There is an acronym that describes FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real.  However, the dictionary defines fear as an unpleasant emotion caused by ...
  • Dionne Cameron
The Word of God Stands Forever

The Word of God Stands Forever 0

Isaiah 40:6-8    For decades, the church has been a place where people have looked for both spiritual truths and answers to morality. However, we a...
  • Dionne Cameron
Inspiration Behind the Designs

Inspiration Behind the Designs 0

Check out my video blog describing the evolution of Wear Scriptures and the inspiration behind the designs.  Be a voice for the gospel.  Wear Scrip...
  • Dionne Cameron
The Gospel....The Good News

The Gospel....The Good News 0

   The word Gospel means the good news. Hence the four gospels in the New Testament. The gospel is the good news that God made mankind for Himself....
  • Dionne Cameron